Name: Jon Stock
Coaching Certificate: Level 1
Classification: 5.0
Height: 5foot 8inches
Mobility Aids: None.

Favourite Drill: Lay-ups: Split up into 3 queues, lay-up player (left), passer (middle) and rebounder (right). Lay-up player heads towards the basket, passer throws ball to lay up player who takes their shot, rebounder picks up the rebound and gives the ball to next passer. Lay-up player joins rebound queue, rebounder joins passer queue and passer joins lay-up player queue. Once 10 baskets have been scored, switch sides so lay-up queue is now on the right.

Why I joined: I joined Phoenix Wheelchair Basketball club in May 2015 with my son Joe who has had 3 separate battles with cancer, the last one being osteosarcoma which has left him with a titanium right leg which meant he was unable to play the sports that he did before. Wheelchair basketball with Phoenix has been a real life-line for Joe allowing him to participate in sport again.

Why I became a coach: I became a coach so that we had enough coaches at the club so that if one or more were away on holiday or had other commitments, training would always be able to run.

My disability: None.