5 minute rules overview

2 pushes, 1 bounce : You can only push the wheelchair twice before bouncing the ball and pushing the wheelchair again.

5 seconds, 1 bounce : You can hold onto the ball for a maximum of 5 seconds before you have to bounce the ball.

24 seconds : Your team has 24 seconds from getting the ball to scoring a basket. Additional time is added if the shot hits the ring but doesn’t go in the ring to score.

8 seconds : Of the 24 seconds, the ball must cross the half way line within 8 seconds.

Back Court : Once over the half way line, you cannot pass the ball back into your own half.

3 Seconds : Players on the attacking side cannot spend more than 3 seconds in the key before exiting the key and going back in. See Court diagram.

Lines : Unlike football where the ball has to cross the line to count, in Basketball touching the line counts. This is for both the ball and the wheels of your wheelchair.

Contact : Basketball is a non contact sport (supposedly) – Fouls can be called for contact with another player or wheelchair.


This is enough to get you started, the rest you will learn while having fun training.

Come along and have a go.

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