Team Pursuit

Team Pursuit – (as seen in track cycling)

Many sports halls have an oval marked in the middle, this is your track.

Split into 2 teams, make them as equal as possible. Doesn’t matter if you have fast and slow members in the team, it is a TEAM PURSUIT!

Decide on a number of laps.

Start in the positions shown, decide on your team order and how far each ‘lead member’ will go before allowing the second member through. Example 1/2 lap, 1 lap etc. This can vary per team member and doesn’t have to be the same for each team.

At the intended ‘lead change’ point, the lead runner will drift wide going into the corner, allowing the second placed member through into the lead. The lead runner will then join the back of the train.


The winning team is the first to get 3 team members over the finish line first. The finish lines are the mid court lines that you started from.

NOTE : The idea is to get the team working together. No point in one member running off into the distance leaving the others behind.