Name: Yasmin Reeve
Coaching Certificate: Level 1
Classification: 2.0
Height: 5foot 9inches
Mobility Aids: Wheelchair user.

Favourite Drill: Killer: I love killer as its such a fast paced little game where your racing with other players to try  and get a basket before the next person in the line, get the basket go to the back of the line and play again. Lose and head to the other baseline and practice some shooting.

Why I joined: I joined Phoenix Wheelchair Basketball club as they were local to me, at the time I joined 2013 it was the only local disability sport that was close to me, 2 buses and a bit of a wheel but it is always worth the time and distance. Training sessions can be intense and hard work but without wheelchair basketball I would have the fitness levels I currently have, wheelchair basketball has made me able to live without needing careers, go out for a walk with my dog on my own and be able to go to the gym daily.

Why I became a coach: I became a coach for multiple reasons, one being to help out the club so I could help coaching the juniors whilst other coaches were teaching the seniors. Also I was in a position where I could no longer play due to my disability getting a lot worse.

My disability: I have a disorder of the central nervous system and the brain which means it cannot communicate properly effectively leaving me paralysed from the belly button down. I also have an unknown vascular condition which has lead to me loosing 9 toes and one finger. I grew up completely able bodied and became poorly at the age of 18.