Name: Sami Stuart Tite
Coaching Certificate: Level 2
Classification: 5.0
Height: 1.8m / 5’11”

I have been involved with the Northants Wheelchair Basketball Team on and off since 2004 after being asked by Chris Dabbs to help out driving a van full of chairs one evening.

I stayed at the session and joined in with training. After a very enjoyable session I played for two years before work commitments made attendance too difficult.

In 2011, My work situation had changed and I had been suffering Cartilage Injuries for about 4 years. Wheelchair Basketball had the appeal of competitive sport at a level I could still operate despite my injuries. I attended a Pre-Paralympic event to help out and ended up organising the session as the club was at a low attendance point and in need of players and assistance.

By the March of 2012 I was a Level 2 Coach and undertaking much of the running of the club and coaching. I formed partnerships with the local university and ran events as WBXcel , all of which, helped to increase our numbers.

My Proudest moments include Our first Competitive games as Player/Coach with Phoenix and winning a Sportsmanship award at the University Competition with Stallions.

In an amazing twist of fate, and following some very complicated and difficult times in my life, I embraced curiosities and medication resulting in my decision to share my feelings as being Transgender (Bi-Gender/Fluid) and now walk again relatively pain free. My Personal Journey regarding this can be seen at and my Facebook Page, SamiOnSide. Anybody is welcome to ask me questions there if they feel a need or desire to do so.

Phoenix has been a huge part of my life and I have many very good friends as a result. Their support for each other as people and club mates is an example for all. After a couple of years being a little less involved due to my own circumstances, I now hope to start getting back into it more again.

My Favourite drill is the DW/Marilyn Lay-Up, If you want to know how that works, Come Training

WBXcel helps to deliver WB based events locally and welcome all enquiries. These Events help us to raise awareness and fund our Club and its Members.

I am Proud to be Phoenix!